TrustInHim Films Team

TrustInHim Films produced the short film “Durban Poison” for the 48 Hour Film Project – Los Angeles 2017, which garnered 5 nominations.

The Production Team

Kevin McKim – Producer

Kevin is an actor, producer, writer and wanna be sumo wrestler here in Los Angeles. His passion for acting took him from New York to Dallas and to Los Angeles, appearing in various television, film, theater and commercial roles, along with producing a variety of creative projects.  He is also partner/producer at It’s A Mystery Productions. This is his first 48 HFP, and he’s looking forward to the hectic fast pace film-making challenge with sedatives in hand(s).  Let the games begin!

Clay Banks – Director / Writer

Clay is a writer, director, producer, casting director and life empowerment coach.   He has worked in film, theater, and has appeared in upwards of 100 television commercials.  Clay is a Former Fortune 500 Motivational Speaker and National Instructor which helped him to hone his skills as a mentor.  Presently, Clay can be found heading up Clay Banks Productions & Studio International where he has coached and directed thousands of actors. CBSI is an LA based, On-Camera, Film & TV Acting Studio and Independent Production Company.

Irene Conde – Producer

Irene is an entrepreneur, writer, producer, actress, and dancer/choreographer.  Her T42 production company focuses primarily on her passion – the horror genre. She also has a horror blog written by her alter-ego, Rachel Rage at  Irene’s short screenplay ‘Like Father, Like Daughter’ was a quarter-finalist in the Shriekfest Horror Film Festival for 2016. Irene is looking forward to working on the 48 Hour Film Project with the great team they have assembled.

Danielle Argyros – Cast:  Vanessa

Danielle Argyros is a working actress, model and filmmaker in Hollywood, CA.  She has a BFA in theatre from Loyola University Chicago. The creative world has always been her focus. This is her first 48 hour film festivals. She looks forward to the experience and can’t wait feel the adrenaline of developing and presenting a film in such a short amount of time. Let the blood, sweat and tears commence!

Ben Hess – Director of Photography / Editor

Ben is a 22 year old filmmaker who has had a camera in his hands ever since he could remember. He started competing in youth film festivals during high school, and has since started collaborating on numerous projects in with actors, producers and directors in LA. His most popular project was a 2 minute scene remake from Terminator 2, which ended up getting over a million hits overnight and aired all over the country, including The Today Show.

Allison Walter – Second Assistant Director

Allison Walter is an actress, writer, and content creator based in Los Angeles. She holds a BFA in Acting from the University of Central Florida. She loves all aspects of production, and is thrilled to have been a part of the 48 Hour Film Festival with Trust in Him Films.

Jeromy Ramos – Assistant Camera

Jeromy is a working actor.  When Jeromy is not acting you can find him helping his fellow students at CBSI by producing, shooting, and editing high-quality demo reels for them.

Nick Yaya – Associate Producer / Key Grip

Nick Yaya is a Los Angels native. He began acting at an early age, following in the footsteps of his grandfather. Known as a character actor, he has had many roles in feature-length, independent films. Nick is also a master of several different dialects including Australian, British, Cockney, French, German, Italian, Russian and South African. For nearly a decade, he served as Executive Director and co-founder of the Designated Drivers Association, a non-profit organization that helped remove over 40,000 impaired drivers from California’s roadways by driving them home in their own vehicles free of charge.

Dave Grimaldi – Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer

Dave Grimaldi is an award winning motion picture sound designer/
editor and re-recording mixer. His film career has spanned 25
years and he is known for such films as The Matrix, Million Dollar
Baby and most recently War for the Planet of the Apes.

Denise Santos – Music Composer

Denise Santos is a Los Angeles-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer specializing in film music. She has been working with award-winning directors for film and TV since 2012, taking inspiration from orchestral, pop, rock, and electronic music. Denise is currently working for Hans Zimmer and Extreme Music’s partner company Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop in Santa Monica, California.